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“A gypsy sway that wouldn't feel out of place as the easygoing, unsuspectingly bittersweet b-side to a Django Reinhardt record” -




"They swing hard and serenade gently, singing fluidly in 3 languages, oscillating from bittersweet jazz folk to country blues without missing a beat." -


East Portland Blog


"What Nathan and Jessie absolutely bring to the table is joy and style. In a world busy smashing in as much technical prowess and distortion as possible, there is something refreshingly retro as the Parisian folk roots here.

This is an album for those that want a brief trip down memory lane with brie, skipping ropes and a jazz bar." -


Higher Plain Music

"Absolutely charming and skillful in every way. A delightful couple. They suck the audience in for a gala ride.. Aw shucks simple humor that is both witty and captivating. Everyone loves them on stage and off." -

Bob Stane Coffee Gallery Backstage

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